Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The organic development of the Liturgy

Book review by Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

"That is why, with respect to the Liturgy, [the Pope] has the task of a gardener, not that of a technician who builds new machines and throws the old ones on the junk-pile."

What I find interesting about this essay is its implicit criticism of a previous Pope, now one of Benedict XVI's predecessors.


At 10:12 AM, Blogger Chad said...

Thanks for that link. I too noticed the implicit criticism of those who would chuck an anachronistic liturgy on the junkpile of history. But what struck me even more than that is his vision for how a pope should govern:

The Pope is not an absolute monarch whose will is law, but is the guardian of the authentic Tradition, and thereby the premier guarantor of obedience. He cannot do as he likes, and is thereby able to oppose those people who for their part want to do what has come into their head. His rule is not that of arbitrary power, but that of obedience in faith

Let's pray he sticks to that.


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